Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nostalgic in Brooklyn!

My wifes new Etsy store, please visit her shop and buy something!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Voon New York

On a side note, Check out my friends new jewelry store! Voon New York! All items are handmade in Brooklyn NY!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The ramps and the egg!- 143f - 1 hour

First signs of spring have come to the greenmarket! I got my hands on this springs first few bunches of ramps!!!! We decide to pair them up with some sous vide eggs and the result was amazing! Ramps are best eaten simply, just saute in olive oil till caramelized about 5-8 mins on med to low heat. and a touch of sea salt

After we cleaned and prepped them we also made some ramp and lemon zest compound butter and pickled ramps!

And our simple and perfect Easter breakfast~ SVS FTW!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Korean inspired Short Ribs (Gal Bi Gui) - 55.5c - 72 hours

My wife and I sometimes have a hard time picking out a place to eat for a reasonably priced and delicious meal even being here in NYC. The one place we always can fall back on is BCD Tofu house in K-town. We love to get their Soon dooboo jjigae (tofu soup), a LARGE order of their man do (fried dumplings) and a sizzling plate of gal bi gui (prime short rib).

We happen to be shopping at fairway market and they had a sale on shortribs and we pick up about 5lbs worth bone in 8 inch pieces. We generously seasoned each piece with a homemade steak rub, salt and freshly cracked pepper and then sealed them into 2 sets of bags with some rendered duck fat, set the sous vide supreme to 55.5c and dropped them in. 

The ribs came out cooked perfectly medium rare edge to edge.  We then made a basic korean bbq sauce with the juices from the bag, preheated our oven to 450 and broiled the short ribs for a few mins to add color and caramelization.

The final dish was served on a bed of fresh kimchee, korean potato salad, blanched baby bok choy and topped with pickled cucumber and carrots.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chai Creme Anglaise - 82c - 20 Mins

Spiced Chai Ice Cream

We followed the guidelines from the FCI blog on Creme Anglaise: Sous Vide vs Low Temp and our results came out fantastic. With very little effort, we did have to add one step of scalding and steeping the cream/milk with our chai spices but it really wasn't a big issue.

1. Scald milk & cream (we used raw milk and cream) with chai spices. Let steep and chill.
2. Blend all remaining chilled ingredients (chai steeped milk/cream, yolks, sugar) at once in Vita Prep.
3. Vacuum bag mixture and place in sous vide supreme at 82 C for 20 mins.
4. Squeeze bag to agitate the contents while chilling under water or in ice bath.

The bag can is good for up to a week and can be kept in the fridge till ready to use.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Center Cut Pork Chop 60c 45 mins

After reading a tweet from Chef Richard Blais "Sous vide pork chops with Brussels sprout,  water chestnut and roasted grapes for dinner. Pork, 45 min at 60c after 30 min brine." He inspired us to try out our own pork chops in the SVS.

We let our chops sit in a brine (10% brine 100 grams salt to 1 liter water) for 2 hours, then packed them up with a knob of butter and set our SVS to 60c and popped them in. Since 45 min is not that long to wait, we went ahead and started prepping the rest of the dish, we paired the pork chops with fresh spinach, sauteed miatake and petite button mushrooms, and a pomegranate balsamic sauce(i received the balsamic from my sister-in-law in Toronto, she got from a local farmer market, thanks shobes!).

The pork chop was fork tender and paired well with the balsamic pomegranate reduction, all in all a very nice dish. The center of the chops were slightly pink, but a bit lean(hence our brine). In comparison, on new years we had dinner at the Vinegar Hill House and I had their famous roasted pork chop and it was delicious and juicy (very very good)~ our sous vide chop was a little leaner but was perfectly tender however to me it lacked the nice roasted flavors the one from Vinegar Hill had(they use a 700+ degree wood burning oven), tho I'd have to say the SVS its def a good alternative to the home cook.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lamb Loin Chop - 52.5c 2 Hours

Lamb Loin Chops
with roasted brussels sprouts, deep fried sweet potato and demi galce reduction
@52.5 Degrees for 2 Hours

Another SVS victory, after we found out our geico insurance policy went up by 10% due and accident where a man side swiped our open door, we decided to treat ourselves to some Sous Vide lamb. We conveniently had some lamb loin chops ready in the freezer that we got from fairway market ready to go, they were seasoned with salt, pepper and maggi seasoning (umami flavor enhancer) and vacuum packed last week!

 So we just turned on our Sous Vide Supreme and decided to try them at 52.5 Celsius  we were trying to reach a nice medium rare, but as you can see, we hit more of a nice medium.(Next time we will jump down to 50.0 Celsius for 3 Hours)

The final product was delicious the sous vide help maintain all the lamb flavor and maintain the balanced cooking throughout the entire piece of meat, the lamb was also amazingly melt in your mouth tender. It paired well with the roasted brussels sprouts, sweet potato and demi glace reduction.